Niels Bohr
International Gold Medal

It is time to nominate candidates for the Niels Bohr International Gold Medal 2022

The Niels Bohr medal is awarded to an engineer or physicist for their internationally recognised research in the areas in which Danish physicist Niels Bohr (1885-1962) worked. The medal has been awarded 12 times in total. It was first awarded to Niels Bohr at his 70th birthday in 1955 to honour his research and work for the benefit of humanity.

The Niels Bohr medal is established by the Danish Society of Engineers, now IDA, in 1955 as a tribute to Niels Bohr. The recipient is chosen by a prize committee consisting of representatives from the Danish scientific community. You can read more about the criteria for nomination and the prize committee below.

How to nominate a candidate

The nomination must contain:

  • The candidate’s name and a brief CV 
  • Information on who is nominating the candidate  
  • Short summary of how the candidate fulfils the five criteria for succesful candidates: 
    • The award winner must be an internationally recognised researcher at the highest level 
    • The award winner must have affinity to some of the areas in which Bohr worked, so that work is continued in his legacy 
    • The research should have the potential to be applied for the benefit of humanity 
    • The research should preferably contribute to advancing and/or inspiring research in his/her field in Denmark 
    • The award winner should be an active researcher  

Letters of recommendation can be sent to The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA at email [email protected].

The deadline for nomination is 30 October 2021. 

The award is sponsored by Carlsberg Foundation